*PROJECT UPDATE* Exhaust, Wheels & Brakes~

Sorry I have been so slack of late. I have been mostly updating Facebook rather then my webpage.

A few things have been happening to the car since december. The front guards are almost done, my new wheels and tyres arrived (AME Tracer TM02 in 18×11″ +10 w/ Yokohama AD08R 295/30/18).

1609558_401598206687725_4086462275791495147_n 10426277_401598216687724_3137341248369944584_n 10491261_401598230021056_6537499844094029478_n 11030257_401598246687721_6035340247023470257_n

In addition to the new guards, I have new front brakes. Alcon 6pt monoblock calipers with 365mm 2 piece rotors. Now it should stop~

10985859_400666833447529_3596415603732859476_n 11146276_401598193354393_3565722701404996184_n

But the piece i am most excited about.. so amped up about.. Is I have gotten Unlimited Works Japan (the team that built and maintained the CyberEvo!!) to build me a custom 90mm (3.5in) Titanium ‘Cyber-Spec’ race exhaust. Cant wait to bolt this thing on.. Will sound glorious and also provide a good boost in power over my old exhaust with very minimum bends in it.

10957752_752560071529303_3757677220623449930_n 11012452_752560098195967_4765363792730169643_n 17101_752560138195963_8919355920172019829_n11032565_752560114862632_4919824404378174420_n

Well I hope you all enjoyed this update on the car.. Alot more stuff happening behind the scenes.

I would like to thank my partners, Candice Campbell Photography and StuckUp Industries for all their support.

If you would like to be part of the build, or would like to enjoy some marketing/exposure, please dont hesitate to contact me on tonba88@hotmail.com~

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