Unlimited Works Exhaust~

Well the time has arrived.. My custom UNLIMI spec exhaust has come in from japan. This is exactly the same exhaust that the CyberEvo ran all the way up until the 2011 WTAC, where it was replaced with an unmuffled version.

The reason for getting the ‘muffler’ version, is that I do not want to be kicked out of tracks or events for being too loud. Having a 90mm (3.54″) internal diameter (muffler does not ‘neck down’), means that there is no reduction of volume of exhaust, and the single bend means that the flow is not reduced over traditional exhaust systems. The negative of this ‘race design’ is a reduction of ground clearance.

If anyone is looking for some custom exhaust work, or suspension setup, please contact me, as I am able to source it and get it shipped to where ever you are in the world~

Here is the blog from the UnlimitedWorks website of the construction. http://ameblo.jp/unlimitedworks/entry-12030412546.html

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