Say goodbye to waste!!

Things are really starting to pickup now! Another package arrived today! 

This time it was my new wastegates and replacement integrated BOV (billet!) for my Borg Warner turbocharger!

This almost completed the exhaust side of the engine as I now have;

  • Turbo Manifold (T4 Twin Scroll)
  • Turbocharger (T4 Twin Scroll)
  • Upgraded Billet BOV 
  • Twin 45mm Wastegates
  • アンリミ 90mm (3.54″) Titanium Exhaust

This means all I have left on the exhaust side is custom fabrication work.. 3.5/4″ dump/front pipe connecting the turbine housing on the turbo to my Titanium Exhaust, and twin dump tubes for the wastegates.

As tempting as it is to vent them to atmosphere, I think I will route them into the exhaust so I do not introduce additional air under the car which could potentially effect aerodynamics.. I’ll think on it though!

Stay tuned for more!!

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