Onward and upward!

The build has been stalled for a quite a while, and after being told that we couldn’t make WTAC again, something had to give.


After thinking about the build for a while, we came up with a battle plan on how to get the car done and ready for WTAC.

This weekend was huge! We pulled off the doors and began stripping the car.

This week we should have the car interior, engine bay and boot ready for paint. The plan is, for after that, the car will be going to get the mechanicals dropped in. I can’t wait. Watch this space!

In the meantime my lovely wife has continued her artwork again that will really make this car stand apart from the rest!

This car is so much more then a car to us. Blood sweat and tears have gone into it over the last 7-8 years of ownership and being stalled for so long had really effected my health. I no longer feel depressed that the car build is stalled, with everyone pulling out all stumps to get it done I can’t wait to show everyone what me, my family and best friends have done to pull it all together! If I can get it on the track this year, it will be epic!

A HUGE thanks to Tim Buchan for helping me through and giving up days and weekends to pitch in and help, Luke Hulks & Shaun Whittaker for the advice and support, My family but last but not least my beautiful wife Candice for helping me through the low points (its amazing how something material can actually effect your health!).

Lets bring it home guys!

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