Progress is nice!

Yesterday we got a lot done. Check it out!


Front end getting stripped down ready for paint.


Interior getting stripped out ready for paint.. All wiring gone!

Rear end all stripped out!   

Clearing the front wheel wells for the big wheels and tyres! (18×11″ +10 with 15mm spacer. 295/30/18 rubber!!)

Wheel at full lock… Ahhhhhh much better. Can actually wind on lock now!

Candice’s artwork is in progress too! It’s coming along and will look amazing in the car!  

3 thoughts on “Progress is nice!

    1. Thanks a lot mate. I can’t wait to show the car off at WTAC. We are really pushing to get it done.

      Yeah Candice’s art is unbelievable! I can’t wait to see the finished product. The car with snap necks that’s for sure!


      1. That’s what we want!!

        Keeen! Push on bro, wish I was available more to help you out with it. Would be an awesome experience


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